Bin # 13 was the end, but Ann was the beginning …

After serving with the United States Army for two years, I entered Bryant College in 1957 graduating in 1959. I met my beautiful wife Ann and we married in 1963.

Ann and Peter Voccio

Bryant was located on the East Side of Providence. It was difficult to find a place to park your automobile.  Students would park on the street near the college as I did.  There was two hour parking, and the Providence police would ride by and with a stick and blue chalk to mark your tire.

It was difficult between classes to move your car to another place on the street.  I, along with other students, would get a ticket.  Over a period of time, I accumulated several tickets and didn’t forward the fine payment to the proper place. I kept them stored in bin # 13 (the dead end where nothing ever happened).

I completed my first year in 1958.  Ann graduated in 1958. I followed in the class of 1959. Ann took a position with Social Security, and the office was located at 198 Dyer Street, not too far from Bryant.  On occasion, when my class schedule would allow, I would meet her for a quick lunch.

One particular day, Ann was rushed for time and asked for a ride down the street to the Sandwich King on Dorrance Street.  While Ann scooted up the stairs, I remained in my car when a Providence Police Cruiser pulled up and asked if I had unpaid parking tickets. I said, “Yes.”

He said, “Follow me.” I asked if I could run into the Sandwich King to explain to my girlfriend. He told me “If you’re not out in one minute, you will be arrested.”

At that moment Ann came walking down the stairs with her lunch. The Police officer said, “Hi Ann.”

She replied, “Hi Mr. McCallister.”  They were neighbors for years. Now he was nicer and told the Judge that Mr. Voccio was marrying his neighbor. The judge fined me without penalties.

I never used dead end bin # 13  after that!

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