Last week, I had coffee with my longtime friend, Tony Kubica. We share many things and among them our love of grandchildren. Tony has a blog thereof; Grandpa’s Tales. It’s good. I have encouraged Tony to keep going with it and asked for one of his postings. Here it is.

Grandpas (and Grandma’s too) are very special people in the lives of our grandchildren. Too often Grandmas seem to get this so much better than Grandpas. And that’s sad, because we Grandpas, too, are really special in our grandchildren’s world. We have so much to offer.
Too often we see the world through the eyes of a skeptic. We think we need to make them tough to survive in a tough world. But it’s not skepticism, cynicism, or “facing up to the real world”, that we are here to teach. We are here to teach them something different, something so much more, something precious.

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As a Grandpa, here’s what I believe we are here to do:
– Bring them moments of happiness
– Love them unconditionally
– Always give them hope
– Help them believe in themselves and their possibilities
– Listen to them (without judgment) when they want to talk
– Help them understand there are winners and losers, but it’s in the moment – not
for all time.
– Be a role model in their lives by what you do and what you stand for
– Help them understand that when they think they have given their all, they should
give a little more.
– Play with them, laugh with them, cry with them
– Teach them the power of humility
– Have them know that they can make the world a better place
Be there for them, and you will live on for eternity. They will pass your gift on to their children and grandchildren. And the world will be a better place.

Thank you, Tony. Beautiful.