So was I regal?

So was I regal?

I wondered why she named me Edward. An English name at that.
“Mom, how come you named me Edward?”
“Because I loved the Prince of Wales. And he was the King of England.” Aha, so the English.

The names in our family…Nicolo, Vincenzo, Pietro, Carlo, Domenico…none even came close. No Edward.
“I loved that King,” she said. “Just loved him so I named you after him. What a guy.”
“But Mom, he abdicated the throne because he fell in love and ran off with Wallis Simpson, a divorced American.”
“So what?”
“But he wasn’t even King for a year when he abdicated. It was 1936! I was born in 1939.”

“Yes, but he was in love. What a story. In all the magazines.” Mom was a magazine addict…Ladies Home Journal, Life, Look, Etc.
“But, Mom, there was more.”
“What more?”
“He went to Germany during WW II and met with Hitler.”
“So, that didn’t change a thing. He was in love. And still with Wallis when he went. He married her, you know. And he became a Duke. Besides, Hitler lost anyway.”
“Yes, I know.”
“So what’s the problem? I love the name Edward, and I love you.”
“No problem at all, Mom.Thanks.”

So how did you get your name?