I have written about how important long-time friends are to me and how excited I am to meet with them. That happened last week at The Pane e Vino Restaurant where I met Mike and John, my Classical High School classmates. We met for the first over sixty years ago!
The last time I saw them was two years ago. Mike lives in Florida, John outside Boston, and they were in town for their college reunion.

Mike, Ed, John (L>R)

In addition to sharing the hard work of study at the school, we were on the basketball team, and that’s where we bonded. We are not big, and neither was the team. The tallest, our center was six feet one inch. As a result, we did not win much. It didn’t matter. It was on this team that we bonded … laughing, sharing wins and losses, having fun.
But more than that, these friends made ME laugh. A bit more mature than I, they introduced me to the sometimes uneasy life of a teenager. They showed me how to laugh at myself; a hard lesson for me to learn. They made it easier, and I have never forgotten.

On this night, after catching up on family and jobs (we are now retired), we did the same …we laughed as we revisited those days of yore. We also shared some serious moments as only good friends can.
How lucky we were to have such good memories. Nothing can replace them. Nothing can replace the joys of long time friendships.