Following my story of The Snowman and the Snow Fort, Leona got in touch. Here is her remarkable story.
While trying to create my very own standout Snowman for craft projects I looked at many snowmen and tried to decide what would make mine special or different.
Suddenly I realized none of them had dimples! So I created a snowman with dimples and started designing different scenes for on shirts. They were very simple but popular
After creating 3 or 4 scenes relating to each other, my husband’s boss commented,
“It’s like she’s telling a story! Just then I knew what I had to do.
Coming from a large family, growing up in farm country, and being an animal lover, I knew all I had to do for stories is think about what I’d be doing if I was a snowman and could play all day with my animal friends from the farm and woodlands!


Now here I am with 5 storybooks, all written and illustrated by me using Acrylic paintings, I sketch and paint by hand, and so many more stories to tell! Dimples even has his own facebook page!
For my sixth book, I decided to try a coloring book. So I used some illustrations from my 5 previous books, added some new, kid-friendly drawings, so it wouldn’t be entirely winter themed. It was just as hard, but also just as rewarding!
Fitting in all the sketching, painting, and story writing is a yearlong task, as I work a full-time job at a local factory, with 12 hr. shifts! But I love my Snowman and believe so much in the character, and know he has brought delight to so many around me. I am so hoping I can retire from my regular job soon, as I have so many more Dimples stories swirling around in my head, I can’t wait to start the next one!
Leona Palski
Antes Fort, Pa
*Dimples the snowman spends his days playing with his best friend, Little Red, the Cardinal, and his friends from the woods and nearby farm. Whether he’s playing Hide and Seek with his friends, playing “Run from the Geese” at the farm, or looking for a lost kitten, Dimples always makes the most of his day!
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Antes Fort, Pa.