How do we help ourselves? Angelo led the way …

After many years of medical practice, I concluded that there are not too many things we can control in our lives, but we should work hard at those we can. There is little we can do about our genetics, but we can do something about the following: weight, diet, exercise, care in driving, overindulgence, e. g. alcohol and drugs. And we should visit our physicians regularly for preventive care.

The man who did all of those things to great  success while at the same time educating a wide audience in good  health habits was Angelo Siciliano, a frail kid who, with his parents, emigrated from Acri in southern Italy.


Overcoming his frail status with a conviction given him by those immigrant parents, he developed an innovative exercise and diet program that propelled him to world fame as Charles Atlas.

Angelo is Charles

Most immigrants have that innate courage embodied in a person like Angelo. To uproot a family and come to a strange country while not being able to read or write the language is Atlas-like in itself.

It is about controlling what we can to succeed and to improve…in health and in life. Angelo Siciliano controlled his life. He capitalized on that ability to great physical and financial success.

Angelo Siciliano’s life is an example to follow….the courage of adventure, understanding the unknown, overcoming it, controlling it and succeeding.