I Love this from Dave. Can you relate to it?…. Ed

Good bye my friend. You have always been there when I needed you, waiting to be called upon.

While there have been glitches and problems over the years you were open to change. Sometimes this became complicated and we resorted to outside counseling. But the therapy worked and we got back on track and to work.

I have been amazed at your resiliency and the deep resources at your disposal that covers about any subject about which I can think. Your memory astounds me. We had to restore it sometimes but, fortunately, you persevered and all became well.

When I thought I had a great story you forced me to rewrite it and that made it better. This happened many times. You never tired of this and probably you could have gone on forever but I had limitations to my patience.

So, I thank you for your loyal and steadfast service. The decisions you made were swift and accurate and I came to depend on them. You received the mail and you delivered the mail, among other things, without complaint. You recovered quickly when we had a disagreement and that restored our relationship expeditiously. For that I am grateful.

Farewell, my friend. I hope that the rest of your life is productive and rewarding and that those you serve will be pleased with your dedication to honest and loving relationships.

With respect I delete my data and password.