This is hysterical …

On July 2, 1989 my cousin Joey married his fiancé Donna in the most glamorous and fun wedding I ever attended. Chip and I weren’t married yet, but we had a ball. The reception was held at the Casino in Roger Williams Park. During the cocktail hour, Al Conti on the piano entertained the guests on the first floor. The formal dinner was on the second floor with The Summer of ’42 Orchestra. They were fabulous. The entrees were spectacular. The desserts were various liquors in chocolate molds and the beautiful wedding cake.

Joe and Donna looked so much in love when they were dancing. Not wanting to call it a wrap, we were back downstairs with a rocking DJ. The fun just kept on going for a few more hours.

After we came home, we received a call that the wedding party and some friends were at Shabooms. Of course, we had to join them. Chip was wearing a muscle shirt and I had on a blouse that exposed part of my stomach. In other words, it was very short.

As we approached the entrance, the bouncer stopped us and informed us that muscle shirts weren’t allowed. With that, a woman walked in wearing a muscle shirt. I tapped the bouncer on the shoulder and said, “Hey, that girl just went in wearing a muscle shirt.” He said that if I touched him again, he would have me arrested for third degree assault and told us to leave.

Now, the Chip and Mary Ann show went into action. We went into the alley and exchanged shirts. You can imagine a 6’3″ Chip in my mini blouse. We marched right back up to a furious bouncer. He told us to leave immediately if we knew what was good for us.

We laughed all the way home. To this day I tell everyone that it was the best wedding ever.

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