The Third in a Series of Stories from the 40’s and 50’s

As a sequel to my books, Growing Up Italian: Grandfather’s Fig Tree and Other Stories and What Ever Happened to Sunday Dinner, I share my neighborhood through my exploits: capturing the flag in the sand banks, getting a rah-rah, playing the pinball machine AND MORE …

  • Elementary school adventures, singing debut and favorite teachers
  • Junior high school career book, going for pizza, playing the drums in the band concert, and more
  • How I got caught with pizza
  • Wonderful summer days when my parents rented a beach house

It’s your story!

It makes a great gift for the holidays or any celebration. Some gifting ideas:

  • Give it with your gift card
  • Give it instead of a gift card
  • Give it with Torrone or … the fruit cake or, even better … instead of the fruit cake
  • Give it to friends, to relatives, to the mailman
  • Add it to the wine basket, the gift basket, any basket
  • Fill a basket with them

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My Story Continues: from Neighborhood to Junior High School