Lidofsky, Iannuccilli, Califano, DeNucci, van Zuiden

Lidofsky, Iannuccilli, Califano, DeNucci, van Zuiden

My partner in our practice of medicine, Nick Califano, retired recently( some ten years after me) and the event was aptly commemorated with a couple of parties. More than parties, they were reunions of practicing friends, family, colleagues and support staff (who made our lives possible and fulfilling)… too many to name here. With that came a knapsack full of wonderful memories.

Nick was the third to join the practice started by me and Joe DiMase, now deceased. We grew to six partners (the practice is now much larger).

These reunions gave me an opportunity to reflect upon the bond we shared in caring for patients. We worked together every day with no rancor, few disagreements, much joy and satisfaction. So, what did it mean to me to be their partner?

It meant many things.

It was a commitment to the overall health of our practice and each other so displayed in the way we managed  relationships, contributed, displayed sensitivity to others, assumed responsibility for, and interest in, the practice such as personnel, particularly personnel.

Above all, we cared for our patients professionally, ethically and efficiently. I never… never… was concerned about how my patients would be cared for when I was off call. We covered each other as caring partners might and should. And we did so for over 30 years!

Our partnership was our reward. We were committed to its success. We took responsibility for the financial and operational management and the health of the practice in good times and in bad.

We worked hard. We shared much… Holiday parties, dinners, May breakfasts, children’s successes, personal travails… we shared it all. That is what a partnership is, was and should be. That is what it was for us.

Thank you Joe, Nick, Tom, Shelly and Paul. Thank you.