Mary Ann and I, though we never met until recently, crossed paths often. One of them was at The Blessed Sacrament Church. In a recent video, I profiled the church.

Her story …

When I was about eight or nine years our Blessed Sacrament Church was having their annual Christmas Bazaar in the church basement. It was a fun time I looked forward to every year.

The basement had a plethora of booths displaying a cornucopia of homemade baked goods, custom jewelry, Christmas decorations, stockings, tree toppers, and hand made toys including animal head throw pillows for children.
Staring right at me were heads of cats, dogs, giraffes, fish and the like.
I had two quarters to spend for the day. I honed in on a sad looking blue felt doggy with big floppy ears, black button eyes, a pink triangle nose, with a big red tongue sticking out right at me.
The booth was very busy with everyone trying to get to the cashier lady. I just couldn’t get her attention. I left with my doggy and didn’t pay for it.

Was this the one?

When I returned home I placed it on top of my bed pillow. Thunderstruck. I was so upset that I committed a crime of stealing, that I could not play with it or even look at it. I certainly had to keep this horrible event to myself.

After about a week pondering my demise, a light bulb went off in my
After school the next day I walked over to the church, climbed the vast mountain of steps as if I were going to walk through the gates of hell. Upon entering and after catching my breath, I dropped the two quarters into the POOR BOX. Now I knew that the gray spot on my soul turned white again.

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