Smitten …

In the Fall of 1994 one of our great aunts died. Since all our parents had passed, my cousin, Marylee, and I decided to represent our family by attending her funeral.
While sitting in the funeral parlor waiting for the cars to be called, our Uncle Buddy, my mother’s brother, came walking in with his dog on a leash. He was a very funny, witty guy. He said to us “I can’t stay. I must bring my dog to the vet. She didn’t tell me she was going to die.” With that comment he exited with his dog in tow.

After attending the funeral, the cemetery and coalition, we decided to find our uncle in Mt. Pleasant. His favorite watering holes were Foley’s, Kilkenny’s and Gilligan’s Taps. After striking out at the first two we headed for Gilligan’s. No Uncle Buddy to be found. We decided to order a drink.
There were two gentlemen on the far right of the bar. an elderly woman sat in the middle. We later found out that she was a Gollywog Girl at The Biltmore’s Bacchante Room in Providence and was a madam to the mob. On the far left of the bar was a good-looking guy in the late 30’s. Marylee headed for a table and sat down.

I declared, “I didn’t come to a bar to sit at a table. This is a bar.” The mob madam heard me, and she moved over one to the right. Marylee sat next to the good-looking guy. We exchanged names. He was friendly. I ordered a 75 cent four-ounce drafts. They struck up a conversation. I was watching him look at her, observing LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for the first time in my life.

I thought to myself, “I am not leaving here until one of them gets a phone number. They were taking their grand old time, while I kept ordering more drafts. Finally, she gave him her phone number. Whew.
When we got in her car I said, “You just met your husband.”
She laughed saying, “Oh, you’re just drunk.” I agreed and repeated my remark. We spotted a highway billboard advertising a bridal show. “Ah, see, there’s a sign that you’re getting married.” When home, I called her brother and one of my favorite aunts to tell them Marylee just met her husband.

Yep. They were married in 1996. Little Russell was born in 1999 when Marylee was forty-two. Russell and Marylee have been happily married for 20 years.

Marylee and Russell

I never let Russel forget that he would not be here if it weren’t for me.

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