I was enamored by my dancing parents …

In the late 50’s our parents, Edie and Eddie, started taking ballroom dancing lessons with several other couples.

Courtesy of GoGraph

Every Saturday night, after our ritual dinner of hot dogs, beans and canned brown bread, they would get dressed to the nines with our beautiful mother wearing a pastel cocktail dress with a fish tail and rhinestone buttons attaching it to her waist in the back. She wore matching earrings and necklace. Father wore a Sunday suit, tie and cuff links. He was a dead ringer for Hugh Beaumont, the father on Leave it to Beaver.

My brother, 14, myself, 10, and our sister, 5, would sit on the living room couch with a large gold trimmed mirror behind it. My brother sat in the middle flanked by his two sisters, and our parents would dance for us for a few minutes. Father would whistle out a tune. He would twirl our mother around and her fish tail would flow and ebb. It would make my stomach tingle and take my breath away. I couldn’t wait to grow up and perform like they did.

We don’t have a picture of those moments in time, but it is etched indelibly in my mind as if it were yesterday.

Now those were THE GOOD OLD DAYS!