My Brother and I Share a Birthday

My brother, Teddy, was born on July 11, 1944. I was born on July 13, 1948. Since our birthdays were two days apart, we celebrated them together.

Usually, on July 12th, we would have two birthday cakes on our dining room table which looked like a banquet buffet to me. The ritual never changed. My brother would have a cake with cowboys and Indians on top. Cowboy shows became very popular in the 50’s. My cake was on the opposite end of the table with ballerinas, mostly in shades of pink. Teddy and his friends would stand on his side, and my friends and I would stand on my side. My mother made sure that everyone would sing Happy Birthday to him first, and then to me. We then had ice cream and soda. That was the extent of a birthday party in those days. Nobody sat in chairs. We just stood around the table. It was very exciting.

My brother’s best friend was Jimmy and mine was Elaine. On birthday weekend, we could pick one friend, likely Jimmy and Elaine, to join us in an outing to Crescent Park. Crescent Park was fun. The thing I remember most is that our chosen friends would get sick on the Whip. Teddy and I loved it. I thought the very tame Flying Fish was for sissies. Only Teddy and I were brave enough to ride the Bubble Bounce. You had to turn the wheel very hard to make it bounce up and down. My brother could make it bounce high, and I would laugh with great glee. I was never crazy about the Ferris wheel and the Roller Coaster. Don’t even know why.

There was always the chowder and clam cakes, which I still love to this day.

Our parents always made a big deal for our birthdays. They must have, as I can recall every minute of them. Growing up in Mt. Pleasant was always a lot of fun.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.